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Live Better.

Live Better.

About Outpost Adventures

Outpost is defined as a small position some distance from the main force. Whether that is the user's work from home office space, a separate space for guests at the lake cabin or an Airbnb to create a desired space for guests and supplemental income for you ... the opportunities abound.

Jacob Bunde Tiny Home Builder

Jacob Bunde is an Architect by trade, a minimalist by nature. Creating spaces that allow the user to let go of clutter and focus on the present is what motivated Jacob to create Outpost. This idea of living better. Outpost Adventures is a call to step back to nature, to let go of the confines of normal and to move into a space of less is more.

Over 17 years of experience in healthcare and defense architecture has grown Jacob’s knowledge and skill as a designer and project manager. As an accredited American College of Healthcare Architect, Jacob heads multiple projects with a diverse team to marry both vision and budget. This same expertise translates well to owning a business focused on the user’s experience. The Outpost design has been created with a focus on safety and comfort.

Jacob is a LEED AP Architect which denotes excellence in today’s sustainable design, construction and operations standards. Each Outpost is held to this incredibly high standard with the individual building being 90% more efficient than traditional construction.

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Jacob spends his free time in nature. Jacob is a family man at heart and so you’ll find his wife and daughter along for the adventure. Jacob, Kelly and Bo look forward to growing the Outpost family and are excited to learn how you plan to live better through innovative tiny home design.