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LiveWork Series

LiveWork Series

LiveWork Luxury Tiny Home Office

The LiveWork Series tiny home office is equipped with a murphy bed that folds up as part of the dividing wall for the restroom.

The murphy bed feature allows you to utilize the space how best suits you. The bed can be discretely hidden in the wall while you utilize the space as a living room or office and easily pulled down for when it’s time to rest.

LiveWork Series Fact Sheet (PDF)

Live Work Backyard Tiny Home Placement

Weighing only 4,600 lbs unfurnished, Outpost backyard tiny homes are made to be as adventurous as you like. We recommend you prepare your site based on local jurisdictional requirements along with what amenities you have chosen.

We recommend anchoring your Outpost to either concrete foundations, thickened slab or concrete sonotubes if you wish to keep a minimal footprint on your amazing site. Anchor plates are welded at the base of each corner. Lifting anchors are on the roof of each Outpost to allow easy lifting from trailer to site via telehander, mini crane, even helicopter if you are getting extremely remote.