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Hideaway Series

Hideaway Series

Hideaway Luxury Tiny Home

The Hideaway Series luxury tiny home is designed to help you getaway, get outside, relax, revive, and reconnect.

The one bedroom half bath is set up to enjoy spectacular views in comfort no matter the weather.

Hideaways are perfect for those looking for an extra bedroom at their lake, mountain, prairie, or even desert property. Constructed of high quality top end commercial materials Outposts are built to last, excelling through all mother nature has to offer.

Ideal as a vacation rental, the high end design allows placement in most covenances and exotic off the beaten path locations.

Hideaway Series Fact Sheet (PDF)

Tiny House Placement

Weighing only 4,600 lbs unfurnished, Outposts are made to be as adventurous as you like. We recommend you prepare your site based on local jurisdictional requirements along with what amenities you have chosen.

We recommend anchoring your Outpost to either concrete foundations, thickened slab or concrete sonotubes if you wish to keep a minimal footprint on your amazing site. Anchor plates are welded at the base of each corner. Lifting anchors are on the roof of each Outpost to allow easy lifting from trailer to site via telehander, mini crane, even helicopter if you are getting extremely remote.