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Outpost 1875

Modern design. Minimal footprint. Maximum impact.
Manufactured spaces built in South Dakota, designed by Licensed Architect, Jacob Bunde.

Luxury Living for the Minimalist

Outpost cabins are designed for the individual in search of living a better life. Through a modern design approach, each unit is detailed and constructed with the highest quality construction techniques to ensure a clean minimalist aesthetic.

These prefabricated tiny homes can be seamlessly installed within a natural environment, from your backyard to the most remote locations to support productivity, retreat and mobility.

Outpost prefab tiny homes provide a lavish and comfortable interior environment combined with a focused view outward for a holistic connection to nature.

The high end architectural design and fully customizable premium materials allows you to enjoy the outdoors in luxury.

Built to Accommodate Your Needs

Either set in the backyard of a CEO’s house as an office oasis, or delivered and temporarily installed on hunting property as a lodge, our customers continue to find fun and exciting uses for their Outposts.

Each prefabricated tiny home can be customized to include your choice of color, plumbing, heating and cooling based on your desires.

The list of uses are endless and our clients range from hunters to boutique hotel owners and artists. They all have one thing in common; the desire to live better.


Hideaway Series Prefab Tiny Homes
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Studio Series Prefab Tiny Homes
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Live Work Series Prefab Tiny Homes
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Turtle Series Prefab Tiny Homes
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Live Better In A Modern Tiny Home

Work-Life Balance is ever evolving, especially with the recent pandemic. Based on best practices from a healthcare architect, these modern units are designed for maximum air quality, lighting, and provide views to the outdoors for increased productivity, health and well being.

Designed with the highest quality materials and detailed with a continuous structural frame, continuous insulation and weather barriers, the units are 12 times more energy efficient than the average house and are made of 92% recycled content for green living.

Delivery Process

Your Outpost is ready for pick up or can be built for delivery by a shipping company of your choice.

We recommend a “hot shot” transportation company – a larger pickup and goose neck trailer weighing only 4,600 lbs. Semi transport is also an option, but not required. Outposts are built to go 80 mph on the interstate.

Outposts are made to be as adventurous as you like. We recommend you prepare your site based on local jurisdictional requirements along with what amenities you have chosen.

We recommend you anchor your Outpost prefab tiny home to either concrete foundations, thickened slab, or concrete sonotubes.

Lifting anchors are on the roof of each Outpost to allow easy lifting from trailer to site via telehander, mini crane, even helicopter if you are getting extremely remote.

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