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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to buy an Outpost?

Hideaway and Live Work Series, the studio and half bath, are both $55,000 + taxes.

Turtle Series, which allows the user to finish the interior space, is $40,000 + taxes.

Livable Series, that has a full bath and kitchenette, is $79,000 + taxes.

Production of an Outpost takes 7-10 business days. Procurement of the materials can take 6-12 weeks, depending on supply chains. When you order your Outpost, we will provide a more detailed timeline.

Each Outpost can be moved at any time. Handles are welded to the top of the steel frame and allow for harnesses to be looped through. From there a telehandler or similar piece of equipment is used to lift and move.

Anyone that has the need for the extra space! Outpost allows for the owner to curate their space to meet their need.

Looking to add a short- or long-term rental solution at your existing property? Outpost.

Need an office? Outpost.

Want a mother-in-law suite? Outpost.

A hunting cabin? Outpost.

Outposts are made with compressed metal paneling designed for commercial construction. This lends to a highly insulated interior (R value = 20) that retains both heat and cold well. Each unit comes with an A/C unit on the top and an electric fireplace on the inside.

When setting your Outpost, you’ll want to consider how you’ll anchor it to the land. Often this can be a leveled gravel bed. If you’re looking at elevation, perhaps concrete or steel support is a better solution.

Other site items to consider: utilities (water & electrical). We partner with premium vendors to offer solar and composting options. Outpost 1875 is not responsible for site development; however, we can aid in providing suggestions for placement.

We are happy to make accommodations for tweaks to the underlying designs. Some possible changes: the entry door could be placed to the side, the door, the interior accent wall, flooring, vanity, light fixtures.

Any custom requests may incur additional costs. All pricing for customized units will be provided in a quote prior to signing the sales agreement.

Jacob is a licensed Architect with LEED Green certification and designed each Outpost to meet International Building Codes, which allows for the units to be placed in a variety of zoned areas. His industry connections have nurtured relationships with leading contractors to build a premium product.

The materials used are commercial grade and designed to withstand intense weather and wear. Outposts are highly insulated to retain heat or cold, which drives down energy costs and reduces the overall environmental footprint.

The location of your Outpost is important. Things to consider: zoning, utilities, neighborhood HOA rules or regulations. We work with you to navigate those conversations for a smooth decision-making process.

We’re happy to provide a tour at our home and we’re accepting guests at our property in Custer, SD coming Spring 2023!